Canada ranks 4th in Facebook penetration WW

Canada ranks 4th in penetration of Facebook users WorldWide according to a March 2012 eMarketer study. This places us behind Indonesia with 82,5%, India at 63,3% and Argentina at 62,1% but slightly ahead of the US where penetration is at 59,1%. According to recent comScore data on the reach of Facebook in Quebec (where I live) which I could compare with the total population from Statistics Canada, the penetration for this province would actually be 1 or 2 points higher than for the rest of the country (63%).

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Email ads much appreciated by Internet users

When asked which ad formats they prefer the most and the least, Internet users in the US, and I presume this would be the same in Canada as well, they answered overwhelmingly (compared to other formats) that they prefer email ads. eMarketer recently published a report on opt-in email offers and loyalty which is where this comes from.

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Traditional media performance indicators

We talk a lot about the digital revolution that traditional media is being put through: upheaval, readership and audience shrinkage, bankruptcy, pay walls… What’s the situation really like? Traditional media are not dead – not yet, and not for a while at least. They’re not all as strong as they’ve once been, but they still occupy an important place in the media landscape.

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