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Digital Marketing Priorities: #1 Strategic Plan

This step should seem obvious enough, but it occurs way too often that we simply plow through online with our existing strategic plan that likely wasn’t thought out with digital (online and mobile) specifically in mind. It really is important to revisit your strategic plan and consider it from a digital standpoint relative to your business. Go through your entire plan asking yourself “what about online?” “what about mobile?” for each point you encounter – ask to the extent of wondering if you should even be there to begin with – what’s your business reason? This could mean reconsidering what your digital geographic boundaries are vs in the real world – i.e. are you open for business elsewhere?

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What should be your digital marketing priorities in 2012?

With all the new possibilities constantly emerging in digital (online, mobile, gaming…) marketing and advertising, it’s easy for marketers to get a little lost, distracted and even focus on what’s really important, what should come first, and next and so on…
This is my effort to weed through everything and to put it in an order which I believe makes sense and is logical. Should you have additions or other ideas, please do not hesitate to share them with me in the comment box below. This may be the first edition of my “Digital Marketing Priorities” on this blog, but I’ve published two prior versions (additionally to this one) on my French blog ( over the past couple years.

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