How do people decide to accept an invitation to connect on Social Media?

The question was principally with regards to LinkedIn and how people chose to connect or not with other people. After having seen the answers already there, which surprised me a bit, I decided to answer as my answer was different from the lot. Most people responded they only connect to people they know in one way or another, or know the company the person works for – but they do not accept people unknown to them.

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How has advertising evolved in the last 20 years?

20 odd years ago, I was personally beginning in this industry. I read every trade publication I could get my hands on; from cover to cover (there were no blogs or even industry specific websites then). I recall quite clearly that advertisers and ad agency marketers all had one particular goal in mind: better targeting / pinpointing of the consumer to achieve better ROI on their marketing campaigns and ultimately avoid media wastage. Back then, advertisers were already squeezing their agencies for all they could and agencies were seeking efficiencies wherever they could find them. We still hear this particular desire today.

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Who do I look to for insight and foresight?

I’ve mentionned in previous posts that I use Twitter lists to manage my reading and save time. One or my lists, my most important one, is the one I’m presenting to you here today. It is composed of French and English authorities in their fields which for the most part are within interactive marketing is some fashion or other. I hope you might discover some new source of info or insight, like I have.

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