ad targeting

Online advertising targeting – past-purchase targeting

Similar in methodology to retargeting, behavioral targeting and intent-to-buy targeting, past purchase targeting seeks to enable displaying an ad to a user that had recently (usually in the last 7 days but that would depend on the type of purchase) made a particular purchase. This type of targeting is not good for all campaigns or even all brands. However there are numerous cases where a follow up sale is more than likely.

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Online advertising targeting – behavioral targeting

Behavioral targeting is basically a way to reach a contextual audience out of its context of origin – a way to augment the available ad inventory for a particularly (often sold out) segment and monetizing otherwise harder to sell inventory. This is usually available on very large websites or ad networks. The classic example, and also the reason why this type of targeting saw the light of day in the first place is the automotive category. In the mid-2000s the online ad industry ran into the problem of having too little contextual automotive ad inventory for the actual demand from auto makers and auto enthusiast targeting advertisers.

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