ad revenue

How do you forecast your website’s ad revenue?

If you’re going to forecase your website’s growth in reach and traffic, you might as well go one step further and forecast what it’ll bring in with online advertising. FYI, I’m director of Internet at Corus Quebec, a Quebec province based radio broadcaster, and it’s my job to maintain online contente, developpement and sales. It’s also my job to set budget including ad revenues and appropriately adjust monthly revenu forecasts.

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Evaluating a race car sponsorship

THE QUESTION is how do we assign a value to all of these races and appearances? Do we attempt to calculate a cost per thousand over the course of the season? Do we market based upon expected impressions (including races, parades, radio and TV coverage)? Our goal is to sell a primary sponsorship for ~ $20k and a secondary sponsorship for the back third of the card for $12-15K, but this basically just covers the racing costs for the team for the year.

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