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Samuel Parent is an experienced trainer, passionate, engaging and knowledgeable. He always adapts his training to his audience, be it a coherent group of a mix-match of various individuals, all depending on their:

  • size (small, medium or large company),
  • market (local, regional or national),
  • language (French or English),
  • position in the industry (advertiser, ad agency, media/publisher or affiliate of all kinds),
  • level of expertise/knowledge.
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Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics Samuel Parent can train your team(s) on:

  • For practitioners:
    • Integrated digital strategy
    • 360 landscape of digital possibilities
    • 8 Digital Communications Priorities
    • Paid, Owned and Earned Marketing in the context of off and online
    • Big Data / Analytics: the tools of the trade
    • Content marketing strategy
    • Online display advertising
    • Online video advertising
    • Programmatic media buying & RTB
    • Interactive (rich media) creative
    • Mobile marketing and advertising strategy
    • Social Media marketing and advertising strategy
    • Digital advertising targeting possibilities
    • Display Ad Fraud
    • Verification/campaign audit, brand safety, viewability, in geography, fraud…
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Marketing attribution modelling
    • Digital media pricing models
    • Media Math
    • Technological tools landscape for marketing and advertising (necessity and uses for each)
    • Digital advertising laws, codes, standards, regulations, terms and conditions, and other applicable rules.
    • Digital Advertising Sales
  • For managers and C-Level
    • SEO for management
    • Paid search for management
    • Social Media Marketing for management
    • Digital Marketing Priorities
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Training Request
I'd like to inquire about digital marketing training for my company.

Who is this training for?

  • Companies seeking to repatriate a discipline internally
  • Agencies seeking to accelerate the evolution of its employees
  • Companies seeking to better understand digital marketing. As a result, it allows you to work better with your partners.
  • Media who want to better understand their new digital competition.
  • Companies, agencies or media with a need for training in both languages.
  • Media who want to better understand the technology that is changing their world

Samuel Parent is accredited by the Labor Market Partners Commission of the Government of Quebec (for the 1% to invest in training).

Samuel also offers Digital Marketing training that provides a complete overview of the digital possibilities in relation to each other, as part of the advertising campaign process and communications.

I’ve published a few articles on my training methods and how I go about setting them up:

Here are some of the companies that commissioned Samuel Parent for tailor-made training: