Digital Strategic Recommendations

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Tracking digital marketing communications performance is a real challenge for many companies. Available sources of measurement and analytics are varied and complementary, rendering analysis and interpretation of results more complex.

This is why our Digital Marketing Strategic Recommendations (RecoStrat MN) service was created. It seeks to see clear across your practices and your performance through a rigorous audit process which investigates your interactive communications methods, your measurement tools, and key performance indicators.

The benefits of this service are plenty. Rather than judge how you do things, it recommends how to improve to obtain better results, become agiler and accelerate your own executions.

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Digital Marketing Strategic Recommendations

the audit process



  • Up to 200 interview questions
  • 5 to 8 hours of in-person interviews, adaptable to your digital scale and scope
  • The process is exhaustive while being neutral and objective
  • Analysis of all your digital communications efforts


Information Gathering and Interviews

Base parameters, objectives and strategies Marketing activities Level of digital expertise Business processes, objectives and KPIs Performance reports


Understand your processes in their context Evaluate your practices against the industry Analyse the alignment of your practices with your objectives Evaluate your performance measurement methods Identify optimization and measurement opportunities


Your current situation compared to known best practices Recommendations to increase your performance


Align your communications Identify relevant & measurable KPIs Diminish bounce and abandonment rates Gain in speed, more fluid executions Improve return on ad spend + ROI

Who is this for?

The RecoStrat MN process is good for all kinds of organizations, but especially for:

  • SMBs who want to better identify their next steps in digital marketing either where marketing or advertising is concerned, for the next few years.
  • Companies wanting to understand how to improve their current digital situation.
  • Companies in strategic planning mode for which the digital component is still not clear.


Benefits of RecoStrat MN process are numerous. Its most important benefit is the final report presenting you with concrete strategic recommendations.

The purpose of this report is not only to improve what you are already doing but to guide your next digital initiatives by relying on a good understanding of your actual situation. Rather than judging your way of doing things, it recommends how to improve this to get better performance, agility, and speed of execution.

The RecoStrat MN process is entirely neutral, objective and tailored to your industry.


The process is also explained in the chart above.

We start by collecting some internal documents that will be kept confidential. This is followed by interviews that will complete the 200+ audit questions about your digital marketing. Finally, we end with the final report and the Strategic Recommendations presentation.


If the idea of getting strategic recommendations in digital marketing for your company sounds interesting, we invite you to learn more about the scope of the audit. The detailed steps, who conducts this study and what are its conditions can be explained in further detail.