Digital Marketing Consulting

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Titan Interactive is owned by Samuel Parent. He has a long and diverse background in marketing, communications, and digital media. His career has taken him from marketing research to advertising agencies, media sales to the general management of the digital department of a major media operator.

He has represented IAB Canada in Quebec from 2001 to 2015. His responsibilities in this role, as well as his other occupations, have perfected his knowledge and skills in a great many digital disciplines. this allows him to see the big picture and objectively weigh the pros and cons of each opportunity, all depending on the situation.

Samuel’s difference is his objectivity and breadth of knowledge. Rather than a specialist of any kind, Samuel is a digital marketing generalist. He can clearly see across all digital marketing, communications and advertising disciplines and tactics. He is thus at ease with:

  • SEM (paid search),
  • SEO,
  • online analytics,
  • campaign optimization,
  • marketing attribution,
  • WordPress website development
  • trends affecting digital display like fraud and viewability, as well as programmatic for both the buy and sell sides of the equation.
  • a number of MarTech and AdTech solutions

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Can Samuel help you?

Most assuredly yes!

He can produce a media or project evaluation or validation and review it with you to ensure all digital components have been considered from all aspects.

He can help you develop or optimize a digital project or your use of any digital platform; those you own/control and those you need to pay for.

Samuel has experience with traditional and digital media and understands digital’s place in your toolkit. This will all depend on your objectives and industrial context.

His experience has led him to lead and interact with companies large medium and small, local regional and national, in various industries.

He can adapt to your needs, where ever you are in your process.

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