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Required marketing tech knowledge for digital media sellers

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Do you work in media sales, or more specifically in digital media sales? Whether it is your sole responsibility or part of it, you need a minimum amount of knowledge about the ad tech and marketing tech your company employs and that which your competitors and clients use. You also need an understanding of the other marketing related technologies, systems and tools used by your company, competition and clients to fully understand the opportunities at your fingertips and how clients really track what they measure.

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Is my digital campaign properly considering the key strengths of each platform used?

Good digital media campaigns today are more complicated and complex than they were even just two years ago. There are now over 50% of Canadians 2+ who own a smartphone (72% of all cell phone owners)! Two years ago that percentage what only… Tablet penetration is now at least 24%. Smart TVs are starting to take their place with 20% penetration in North America in 2013. There are also a good number of handheld gaming devices (like the PSP) which can access the Web.

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