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Who do I look to for insight and foresight?

I’ve mentionned in previous posts that I use Twitter lists to manage my reading and save time. One or my lists, my most important one, is the one I’m presenting to you here today. It is composed of French and English authorities in their fields which for the most part are within interactive marketing is some fashion or other. I hope you might discover some new source of info or insight, like I have.

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My top 10 blog posts to date in 2011

It’s almost a ritual or maybe a tradition already. Every 6 months bloggers publish their 10 best posts of the previous period.
Why do it?
I can see 2 good reasons for myself. #1 it allows me to promote my most appreciated work, which can in turn increase their readership, increasing traffic to my site (which is good for my ego), and #2 to help you discover content you may have missed that could be of interest to you.

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What is Mediative?

We are an interactive media and services firm. Are we an agency? Not really, well, where all of our services offering is concerned, yes we are. Our services are focused in everything search from SEO to SEM passing through usability, social media, lead management optimization, analytics, mobile strategy, retail monetization and performance media platform management.

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