Mobile marketing in Canada in 2014

Last December 4th took place a half day training session on mobile marketing. I performed this on behalf of IAB Canada. This article briefly summarises the highlights of that training. Mobile marketing in context Mobile marketing in Canada is not so different from overall digital marketing, as digital marketing can be from traditional marketing. What […]

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When should you deliver a brand campaign as fast as possible?

If your campaign objective is to deliver a rather complicated message, sometimes we use sequential messaging to deliver it in little pieces, one at a time. Through traditional media, these would be delivered sequentially over time assuming everyone consumes media similarly. For example, creative one would run for one or two weeks in print or television, followed by creative two for a similar period after that.

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Digital Marketing Priorities: #2 Web Site

You absolutely need to have an online base of operations, as well as a mobile version – the same as you have a head office in the physical world. Your website, like your flagship store or service location, need to first and foremost service your client’s needs, possibly your business partners’ as well, much more than it needs to serve yourself. Not all information and contents you find important to your business are also important to your clients and business partners.

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