Traditional media

The difference between Yellow Pages and other traditional media

There is a significantly different way in which Yellow Pages companies’ worldwide view the Internet, mobile and all interactive platforms than the way that traditional media companies view them.
This difference just came to me today as I was attending the Borrell Associates Local Online Advertising Conference listening to the directories’ panel discussion that followed the newspaper, radio and television panels. Just to disclose everything, I’m an online guy first and foremost and I work for a radio group – I’ve worked for 3 actually in the past 8 years.

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French has a smaller share online than in other media

This post is the third instalment in a series that depict the state of the online nation in Quebec vs the rest of Canada, North America in general, even France in some cases. The story began here in case you missed it focusing on what’s so different in Quebec. Part two is here and explains about our inferiority complex, our star system and how we are latin. Part three looked at who’s online in Quebec and how time spent online compares to other media. Part four compared online surfing habits of French and English Canadians by looking at the categories they navigate online.

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Traditional media performance indicators

We talk a lot about the digital revolution that traditional media is being put through: upheaval, readership and audience shrinkage, bankruptcy, pay walls… What’s the situation really like? Traditional media are not dead – not yet, and not for a while at least. They’re not all as strong as they’ve once been, but they still occupy an important place in the media landscape.

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