Traditional media

Local online ad spend in Toronto and Victoria

The rest of the session compared ad spend with total marketing spend which in a study I’d seen 5 years ago in Quebec identified advertising as 50% of total marketing spend. Borrell suggests that where local specifically is concerned, across the country, non-ad marketing spending is 2.5x bigger than total local ad spend. The bulk (85%) of those dollars is being spent in promotions. Online promotions represent only 5% and ad production accounts for 9% of total marketing spend.

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How has advertising evolved in the last 20 years?

20 odd years ago, I was personally beginning in this industry. I read every trade publication I could get my hands on; from cover to cover (there were no blogs or even industry specific websites then). I recall quite clearly that advertisers and ad agency marketers all had one particular goal in mind: better targeting / pinpointing of the consumer to achieve better ROI on their marketing campaigns and ultimately avoid media wastage. Back then, advertisers were already squeezing their agencies for all they could and agencies were seeking efficiencies wherever they could find them. We still hear this particular desire today.

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