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Coupon websites’ revenue model?

I have been looking at a lot of coupon websites over the years, and am curious to find out how they make their cash. You have websites:
1. Those that offer only coupon codes
2. Those which show a product allowing you to click through to the parent site.
3. Those that have printable coupons which can be used at brick and mortar stores.

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Evaluating a race car sponsorship

THE QUESTION is how do we assign a value to all of these races and appearances? Do we attempt to calculate a cost per thousand over the course of the season? Do we market based upon expected impressions (including races, parades, radio and TV coverage)? Our goal is to sell a primary sponsorship for ~ $20k and a secondary sponsorship for the back third of the card for $12-15K, but this basically just covers the racing costs for the team for the year.

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