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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa

I participated in a sales management training cours with CSS (Center For Sales Strategy) in Tampa, Florida, in April 2008. It was a very intersting 3 days with the exception of the Red Bull & Yagermeister we had on the last night which gave me a splitting headache for 3 days. My personal highlight of the trip was visiting the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa on the Seminole reserve at the other end of the city from where the training was happening.

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French Canadians consume more XXX online than do English Canadians

This post is the third instalment in a series that depict the state of the online nation in Quebec vs the rest of Canada, North America in general, even France in some cases. The story began here in case you missed it focusing on what’s so different in Quebec. Part two is here and explains about our inferiority complex, our star system and how we are latin. Part three looked at who’s online in Quebec and how time spent online compares to other media.

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