Highlights from DAA Summit 2023

Highlights from DAA Summit 2023

DAAC, loi c-27, bill c-27, daa summit,The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) recently concluded its 11th annual conference (DAA Summit 2023) at the beautiful Blackstone Hotel in downtown Chicago. This two-day event brought together industry leaders, experts, and professionals worldwide, representing associations, ad tech companies, brands, agencies, and social media platforms.

The first day of the conference (workshop day) was dedicated to providing valuable insights for day-to-day advertising operations. Attendees were updated on the DAA and DAAC’s flagship programs. These are AdChoices and Political Ads. They also explored relevant bills and legislation impacting interest-based advertising in the US and beyond. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also made a virtual appearance, contributing to the informative sessions.

A morning panel featured CMP partners actively involved in the DAA’s CMP Complement project, namely Didomi, TrustArc, and Sourcepoint. This collaborative initiative allows partner CMPs to accept signals from the DAA’s Token ID-Based Choices tool. It enables them to honour user preferences while providing space within their platforms to talk about AdChoices. This empowers brands and publishers to highlight broader CMP settings through the AdChoices icon.

Another panel focused on the advancements achieved through the DAA and DAAC’s Political Ads Programs. Notably, progress has been made in serving the purple icon in a standardized way. Also, it has developed an ad database registry solution. As the US gears up for the 2024 presidential election, it is expected that DSPs and agencies will increasingly adopt these self-regulatory initiatives.

What about Canada?

Catherine Bate, President of Ad Standards, shared valuable insights during a panel focused on AdChoices program enforcement, alongside representatives from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) accountability programs. This discussion shed light on the case summaries and investigation practices within the US while emphasizing the significance of self-regulation within a regulated market, such as Canada.

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Titan Interactif is the DAAC’s Quebec French-language representative.

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