2020, A look back [video] [infographic]

2020, A look back [video] [infographic]
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2020 a look backWhen I was young in the ‘80s, I was so mesmerized by the fact that I’d live to see the year 2000! It seemed like such a momentous, and faraway time. Now, that time really is faraway and was more plagued by the Y2K bug and end of the world fears. It is astonishing that that amazed little boy is now looking back at 2020.

Let me start by inviting you to check out series of predictions for 2021: in general, for marketing, for ad spend, for advertising, for mobile, for social media, for technology, and my own predictions for 2021.

Let us take a little bit of time to reflect on what happened last year, 2020 in general. Because you were likely too busy with holiday festivities to do so right? I know, really, you couldn’t care any less about 2020 and want to get on with 2021 right? I mean, could get any worse?

As with previous years, 2020 will be reviewed from different points of view and separated into specific topics.

3 posts comprise my 2020 year in review. Today’s post is all about general interests such as retail, fashion, entertainment, and technology.

My next post will focus on advertising and marketing. The last one will focus on social media.

Article updated January 22 2022

2020 In General

Artificial Intelligence



CX / Customer Experience






Human Ressources




Travel in the pandemicTravel

Video Conferencing


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