2021 Mobile Predictions

2021 Mobile Predictions
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2021 mobile predictionsWhat 2021 mobile predictions are you hoping will actually come to pass? Wait a minute, is 2021 the year of mobile?

Just kidding, and I know, that joke is getting old – sorry about that. The year of mobile is now very far behind us. However, mobile remains a very high priority in the digital world. Many business websites still are not optimized for mobile. And Google keeps tightening the screws to mobile importance in its SERP algorithm.

2021 Mobile Predictions

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  • 2021 advertising predictions
  • 2021 mobile predictions, today
  • 2021 social media predictions, Dec.14
  • 2021 technology predictions, Dec.15
  • My 2021 predictions, Dec. 16

Today, discover 2021 mobile predictions covering App installs, App development, mobile gaming, marketing, search and more.

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