2021 Advertising Predictions

2021 Advertising Predictions
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2021 advertising predictionsWhat are the 2021 advertising predictions? What do the experts say?

These 2021 advertising predictions are not only for online but for offline media as well!

More specifically, we’ll look at the various media individually, ad agencies, and media sales. Mind you, we have already covered ad spend forecasts, per media, in our last post.

Article updated 17 Sept. 2021

2021 Predictions

2021 predictions are divided into 8 posts:

  • 2021 predictions
  • 2021 marketing predictions
  • 2021 ad spend forecasts
  • 2021 advertising predictions, today
  • 2021 mobile predictions, tomorrow
  • 2021 social media predictions, Dec.14
  • 2021 technology predictions, Dec.15
  • My 2021 predictions, Dec. 16

Today, discover 2021 ad spend forecasts for advertising, ad measurement, media sales, individual media, paid search, and more.


Ad Agencies

Ad Measurement

Broadcast TV & Cable

Connected TV (CTV/OTT)

Media in General

Media Sales


Online Advertising

Pay TV

Programmatic Media


Search Engine Marketing

Sports Advertising

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