2021 Ad Spend Forecast

2021 Ad Spend Forecast
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2021 ad spend forecastWhat is the 2021 ad spend forecast looking like? What are the experts predicting?

Personally, my feeling, after having prepared this article, is that it will be slow going despite the anticipation for a change and our hurriedness to return to normal.

2021 Ad spend forecast

2021 predictions are divided into 8 posts:

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Today, discover 2021 ad spend forecasts for digital, local markets, specific media, and industries?

Global Ad Spend

Ad Spend by industry

Local Markets Ad Spend

Mobile Ad Spend

Note that in many countries, mobile ad spend is no longer tracked separately from online (desktop) as it has become almost impossible to separate the 2. This is because of the use of HTML5 and adaptive ad creative.

Native Ad Spend

Newspaper Ad Spend

Online Ad Spend

Online Video Ad Spend

Podcasting Ad Spend

Print Ad Spend

Programmatic Ad Spend

Radio Ad Spend

Social Media Ad Spend

Sports Ad Spend

TV Ad Spend

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