2021 Predictions – are you ready?

2021 Predictions – are you ready?
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2021 predictions2021 is just around the corner and we all want to know what to expect. What are the 2021 predictions across several specific topics such as marketing and technology?

Given the year we have had, with all of the downs (Covid-19, US elections, anti-racism marches and protests across the US and elsewhere, natural catastrophes…), I was really looking forward to working on this annual tradition of mine.

Every year I publish a round-up of the various blog posts and news articles that crop up in my daily news reading. Whenever an article states a year in its title, like “2021 Predictions about …” I set them aside for this annual compilation.

Let me start by inviting you to check out my 2020 year in review: in general, in media, in marketing and in social media.

Article updated 22 January 2021

2021 Predictions

Like last year, I am dividing up 2021 predictions into multiple thematic posts.

An important/interesting note to these predictions is that somewhere published quite a few years ago in some cases – check the publishing dates which I leave there for that very purpose.

It is fun to see how the future is panning out now comparative to what we thought would happen say, 5 years ago.2021 predictions are divided into 7 posts:

  • 2021 business predictions, today
  • 2021 marketing predictions, tomorrow
  • 2021 ad spend forecasts, Dec.9
  • 2021 advertising predictions, Dec.10
  • 2021 mobile predictions, Dec.11
  • 2021 social media predictions, Dec.14
  • 2021 technology predictions, Dec.15

Today, discover 2021 predictions for business, B2B, cinema, design, data, HR, and more.

2021 in general

Gartner 2021Business in general






Check out these 2 design infographics for 2021.

Ecommerce / M-Commerce

Environment / Sustainability




Human Resources

B2B Pharmaceutical marketing tips for 2021Pharma & Health Care




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