Political Ads Program Webinars

Political Ads Program Webinars

political adsLast year, in anticipation of the federal election that was approaching in the Fall, the DAAC launched a self-regulatory program for political advertising transparency.

This article was originally published by the DAAC on September 18th.

I, Samuel Parent, am the French-language representative of the DAAC in Quebec.

Political Ads Program

Since the program’s launch, we’ve spent hours with political experts, interviewing them and understanding their needs. As a result of this, the notices provided by our custom tool were updated. They now include survey capabilities and advanced visual reporting of aggregated notice data. That is to add value for the political advertisers using our self-regulatory program.

As this is a very new program, there is room to strengthen the tool and the components of the program further. This is why we wish to invite our AdChoices participants to learn more about it. Spread the word, offer feedback and support. The program is free for ad tech providers and publishers to use.

To learn more about how the Political Ads program operates here in Canada, please register for one of our upcoming webinars below, or reach out to us directly for an individual session (info@daac.ca).

  • September 25 at 11:00 am EST – Register
  • September 29 at 1:00 pm EST – Register
  • October 1 at 3:00 pm EST – Register

Submission to Elections Canada

In August, the DAAC coalition responded to the Chief Electoral Officer and Elections Canada’s three discussion papers about political communications in the digital age.

Many of our responses to the various questions asked in the papers provided an ongoing theme: a reinforcement of self-regulation for political advertising. Self-regulation is good for consumers. It’s good for organizations, and good for policymakers. That is because it can be adept and fluid to the needs of all parties.

Read the DAAC’s submission here

The DAAC coalition consists of the following associations:

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