2021 Mixed Reality Predictions

2021 Mixed Reality Predictions
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2021 Mixed Reality predictionsWill 2021 the year of Augmented Reality or of Virtual Reality? These are not new technologies, yet they remain highly niched and very much a novelty. I’ve collected for you many mixed reality predictions. Mixed reality meaning a combination of augmented and virtual.

New games appear encouraging players to use VR but the feature isn’t catching on as much as the developers would like. When will these technologies actually gain significant traction? I’ve compiled a whole bunch of AR & VR predictions for you.

Last week my post focused on mobile marketing predictions.

2021 & Beyond AR & VR Predictions

This post covers AR & VR predictions from 2021 through 2035. Please note that some of these predictions are in French.

Augmented Reality 2019AUGMENTED REALITY




Mixed Reality


Virtual Reality

Facebook Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality 20192021





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