2020 Marketing Predictions

2020 Marketing Predictions
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2020 marketing predictionsWhat are the 2020 predictions in marketing? More specifically, what will happen with content marketing, data & analytics, influencer marketing, etc?

2020 Predictions

2020 predictions are divided into 8 posts:

Today, discover 2020 predictions for account-based marketing, big data, branding, content marketing, CX, event marketing, email marketing, marketing in general, and much more.

2020 CMO PredictionsAccount-Based Marketing (ABM)

Big Data


Content marketing

Customer Experience (CX)

Email Marketing

Event Marketing

Loyalty marketing


Marketing Budgets


State of SEO 2020SEO

State of SEO.jpg

Sport Marketing

SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand)

2020 Video Marketing statsVideo

VoD (Video on demand)

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