2020 Predictions – are you prepared?

2020 Predictions – are you prepared?
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2020 predictionsWhat are the 2020 predictions in the fields of marketing and advertising?

Every year I publish a round-up of the various blog posts that crop up on the web predicting what next year will be like. As I collect these from the beginning of the year onwards, they really add up.  Like last year, I’m dividing up 2020 predictions into multiple thematic posts.

Also, interesting to note, some predictions about 2020 presented below were published quite a few years ago in some cases. It’s fun to see how the future is panning out now comparative to what we thought would happen, say, 5 years ago.

Article updated December 4th 2020

2020 Predictions

2020 predictions will be divided into 8 posts:

  • 2020 business predictions – today
  • 2020 marketing predictions – tomorrow
  • 2020 ad spend forecasts – Monday 9th
  • 2020 advertising predictions – Friday 13th
  • 2020 mobile predictions – Monday 16th
  • 2020 social media predictions – Wednesday 18th
  • 2020 technology predictions – Friday 20th
  • Other 2020 predictions – Monday 23rd

Today, discover 2020 predictions for business, B2B, consumers, data, eCommerce, eSports, HR, retail, security and more

Business in general


Consumers & Demographics


Ecommerce / M-Commerce


Human Resources





2020 Color of the year


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