What about tracking the campaign objective?

What about tracking the campaign objective?

tracking the campaignDo you know the difference between Brand Awareness and Brand Equity? Latana recently published an article on the subject. Among the aspects discussed were the tracking of the campaign and its performance relative to brand awareness and brand equity.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is the most important aspect of the post. It is equally as important as determining the right objective, and the right KPI (previously explained in detail on this site). Neither will matter if you cannot track their performance.

There are a great many bits of data that you can track. Your data comes from an ad server, analytics, eCommerce, CRM as well as other platforms. Other elements you’ll want to manually track over time, such as questions to customer service about specific brand aspects.

You also want to keep in mind your brand’s equity and overall awareness. Those are direct voices that can be measurable and speak directly on how customers perceive you as an authority. All of these aspects are highly data-driven and indicators of your overall performance, and according to Latana’s guide on brand awareness and equity, tracking traffic, audience perception and continuously checking your competitors are initial steps to getting a better understanding what are your goals and your main focus.

Whichever KPI you plan to use, ensure you have a historical data set to compare it with. The only way to know if your efforts had an impact is to compare your performance before, during and after your campaign. Keep on tracking that metric beyond the campaign to see the long-lasting effects of your ad investment.

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