Choosing The Best WordPress Host In 2018

Choosing The Best WordPress Host In 2018

2019 best wordpress hostHave a website idea that you need to bring to life? WordPress is the most reliable website creation tool that you can use to set up your site. WordPress just needs a host which will manage all its activities. There are many hosts available online and you need the right knowledge to help you choose your preferred WordPress host.

Here are a few tips to guide you in choosing the best WordPress Host:

1- Check On Features And Performance

Different WordPress hosts have different feature sets. It is important that you know beforehand the kind of features that interest you so that you can pick the host that provides those features.

In determining the features that you need, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Will you be hosting multiple WordPress sites? Do you intend to install other scripts apart from WordPress on a separate domain? Will the host support unlimited add-on domains and subdomains? Is backup free or will you be paying for it?

With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to analyze a host’s feature set and determine whether your preferred features are offered or not.

On the aspect of performance, you’ll need a host with 99.9% uptime, enough space to accommodate your files, unmetered bandwidth, fast speed, easy WordPress installation, free SSL certificates with Let’s encrypt, email hosting, and a cPanel.

2- Consider The Cost Or Pricing

It’s easy to settle on a particular WordPress host based on the price listed on the hosting plan. While paying less is good, it’s an entirely wrong approach to use to choose a WordPress host. It is the features within a hosting plan that should motivate you to pay the price attached to it.

The value you get from a host will be directly proportional to the amount of money you pay for it. A $1 per month hosting plan will not give you the best hosting experience. Since a WordPress hosting provider has shared hosting plans, the available resources such as storage space within a hosting plan will be divided among the number of websites you have on the server.

When your website begins to draw heavy traffic, you’ll be prompted to scale up. It will be frustrating, for example, to run 10 websites each with millions of visitors monthly on a shared host all in the name of paying less. You’ll have to get a hosting plan with features that can accommodate such traffic and subscribe to the monthly premiums on offer.

There are different hosting plans such as dedicated servers, Virtual; Private Servers (VPS) managed VPS, managed WordPress hosting, and managed dedicated servers. WordPress hosting prices vary from plan to plan. Work within your budget and let the price you pay connect you with the features that your website needs.


3- Check On The Host’s Customer Support


The WordPress host’s customer care support speaks volumes as to whether you should subscribe to their services or not. In analyzing customer support, you should check on their available contact platforms.

Typically, there should be a platform for chat, email, and phone calls. They should have 24-hour open helplines with real customer care agents and not robots to handle your issues. Go for a WordPress host that meets this threshold.


With those three tips, here is a detailed comparison done on several web hosts that will guide you in picking your web hosting company.

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