Color Psychology Secrets to Increase Your Website Conversions

Color Psychology Secrets to Increase Your Website Conversions
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Whether we’re describing a date as a “red-letter day” or a talented gardener as someone who has a “green thumb”, we use color to illustrate many aspects of our everyday lives. Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sudden sense of calm and peacefulness? Looking around, it’s likely you would have discovered that the walls and interior are a delicate green or blue. These are just some examples of the power of colors. They affect our emotions and, influence different aspects of our behavior. In today’s era of internet dominance, it’s not just office decor businesses need to worry about. An increasingly important field for the application of color psychology is web design.

Article updated 22 March 2020

The Psychology of Colors

In their fascinating infographic titled “40 Facts about How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversions,” DesignAdvisor has explored the impact colors can have on the average user. Discover the meaning behind nine of the most popular colors. Explore real-life examples of how some popular brands have used color to their advantage. You will see that certain colors are more suitable for particular industries and sectors than others. The way you combine two or more colors is also key and adds to the psychological message being conveyed. Apart from picking the right colors for a logo, the shades you choose for specific elements and features on your website also matter. For example, the color of your CTA button can be the reason people click on it. It can also be the reason people bounce from the page.

Avasam is another organization that published an interesting and detailed article about the psychology of colors in relation to marketing and branding.


The infographic below includes some impressive case studies about what happened when companies changed the color of their call to action buttons, so keep reading to find out color psychology secrets which will send your conversion rates through the roof.

40 Facts About How Psychology of Color Can Boost Your Website Conversions

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