How do you optimize your email marketing?

How do you optimize your email marketing?

There are many things one can do to optimize email marketing. Which ones are your go-to techniques?

I was recently asked to present and discuss an infographic outlining 15 distinct hacks you can try to optimize your email marketing. Each hack is accompanied by one or more case study to support the technique.

Subject Line

According to the study, 69% of recipients will identify an email as spam based on the subject line. So, be wary of how to write it up. Show it to colleagues and see how they feel about it.

47% of recipients will decide to open an email only based on the subject line. It yours catchy enough?

Personalisation will boost your open rate by 16%. The shorter it is, the better it will perform. 3-4 words is ideal with 48% open rate, 50 characters or less.

Using the word “Alert” can boost your open rate by 62%, but if it isn’t a real alert and recipients feel baited, they’ll identify you as spam.

Avoid the words “miss” or “deal” in your subject line. Keep them for your copy below.

Preheader Text

Emails are opened 30% more when they use a preheader test. Optimizing this preview text can increase your open rates by up to 45%.

Start with a headline and keep it short. Do not leave it empty, or simply repeat your subject line.

Sender Name

42% of recipients open emails based on who is sending it to them, keeping unknowns for last, possibly never.

A dedicated email address is the 4th most important trust factor for recipients. One company increased their open rate by 57% after adjusting their sender name.

Your sender name should resemble your sender email.

A “no-reply” address will cause a decrease in response rates and overall deliverability.


When your list is big enough, or can identify specific segments within your list, it is always best to go ahead and do so. Segmenting your list, and sending only relevant information to each segment, as opposed to the same for all, will yield better open rates, more leads, transactions and revenue.

Companies first implementing segmentation can expect to see their open rate grow by 20 to 40 %.

Simple segments can be built based on audience demographics, declared interests, their engagement with your emails, geography, past purchases, amount spent, website behaviour, and dates.


Personalizing your email marketing can increase your ROI by 122%.

A simple way to personalize your emails is by adding their name at the beginning of your copy: “Hello (name),”.

However, please ensure you have the correct information, as well as info for all your contacts or it will look weird.

Automation & triggering

Companies using automated emails can expect to see 53% more conversions. Open rates are 95% higher for triggered emails than for regular email marketing.

Reminders will generate 69% more orders. Welcome emails have 86% higher open rates. Replenishment emails obtain 54% open rates.

Consider carefully any emails you wish to trigger, for a later date. How and when will users receive it, and in which mindset?

Buttons & Call-to-Action

A single call-to-action can increase clicks by 371%. It can further increase sales by 1617% (no, not a typo).

Social sharing will also contribute to higher clickthrough rates. A red call to action works wonders for some companies.

Keep your call-to-action simple and clear. Such as: download now, buy now, get your free trial, etc…


Only 55% of users turn on images in their emails. Have you considered how your email looks for the other 45%?

65% of users prefer emails mostly comprised of images rather than text, but don’t forget those who haven’t activated images.

Short emails, with 3 or less images and 20 lines of text at the most, tend to achieve the best clickthrough rates.

Keep your image files very light and at just the right dimensions for an email reader / mobile screen. Otherwise it will impact your deliverability and possibly classify you as spam by some email clients.


According to 52% of marketers worldwide, video is the type of content that generates the highest ROI.

59% of business execs prefer receiving a video message video than text. 64% of users are more likely to buy something after viewing a video.

Video in an email, be it a newsletter or other, can lead to up to 300% increase in clickthrough rates.

It is a best practice to use a static image with a play button, indicating there’s a video to watch, in your email. It should link to the video on your site. Also, include the term “video” in your subject line.

However, do not embed or attach your video directly in the email. Too much weight, and/or code, will identify your email as spam by most email clients.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

Use your subject line to create a sense of urgency, such as the deadline for a sale. Present it not as a date in the future, but in # days or hours remaining to take advantage of the current deal. This will boost your open rate by 22% on average.

Words like “breaking” and “order today”, or “limited time”, will create a sense of urgency in your reader. However, never ever capitalize any whole word. Users do not interpret that word as being important. Rather they take it as though you’re yelling at them.


61% of people will open your newsletter or marketing email between 8pm and midnight. 61% of consumer prefer receiving promotional emails on a weekly basis. Only 15% enjoy receiving them daily.

However, this will vary by age group, regionality, occupation, and a number of other factors. You should experiment with different days of the week and hours to see what works best for your brand.

Mobile friendly

42% of people open emails on their mobile device, rather than on a computer. Your email template should thus be fully responsive and showing up great both on a computer and on a mobile device.

70% of users will delete emails that don’t show up right on their mobile phone.

The open rate on a mobile device is 56% on average. 33% of email clicks come from a mobile device.

So, optimize your image sizes for mobile which will make your newsletters lighter and faster to deliver.

Never include attached files which dramatically increase your newsletter’s overall weight.

Email Content

Unless you’re writing to a specific audience you know a lot about, always write your emails in simple language. If an elementary school student can understand it, you’re good to go. Never overestimate your audience’s capacities or risk alienating some of them.

The ideal email length is between 50 and 150 words.

Ask questions of your readers. Questions will yield 50% more replies.

Email Formatting

Plain text emails are opened 25% more than HTML emails. Over 60% of email clients block images by default.

Ideally, write up your email like a short plain text note which would come from someone in your company directly to one of your subscribers. It will sound that much more personal and relevant.

Use at least one image, but don’t forget to include an Alt Text for it.

In conclusion

In the infographic below, you’ll find a number of case studies and other tips and tricks, as well as best practices not covered in my text above.


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