5 Tips to Hiring a Proficient Web Designer

5 Tips to Hiring a Proficient Web Designer

Web development should be left to the professionals. This is because designing a website from scratch is a complex affair when you don’t have any skills in coding. The worst mistake you can make when hiring a web designer is to hire every Dick, Tom, and Harry. This is due to the fact that the skills of the web designer will be reflected in the image of your brand that’s presented by the website. In fact, the design of a website can tell a lot about the image of a business. In the final end, hiring a website designer that’s not proficient will cost you dearly. You will have a website that will not improve on your business’s visibility and conversions. You can avoid such problems by considering the tips outlined below when hiring a web designer.

1. Ask for Recommendations

You can take a long time when looking for a reliable website developer while the right expert is under your nose. To shorten your search, it’s advisable you get recommendations from friends and relatives. This should be much easier because nowadays almost everyone has a website. The advantage of using referrals is that you work with a professional whose services have already passed the test of time. The other benefit is that your friends will let you know what to expect from such an expert, which return makes you have confidence in them.

2. Price

Price is a game changer when hiring a web designer. Although web designers don’t charge a uniform rate, it’s advisable you compare their prices and pick the one that gives an affordable quote. You can actually get a sizzling hot website without robbing a bank. However, you should not allow the issue of price to make you compromise on business. Most businesses charge you a price that matches with the features that your website will have. You should expect to pay more if the web development company will go an extra mile to optimize the content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and make it to be accessible across various devices. You should also confirm that there are no hidden charges to avoid last minute surprises.

3. Experience

The quality of a portal that you will have is largely dependent on the experience of the expert that you hire. It’s therefore important you do some homework on the experience of the designer that you want to work with. When you visit his website, you should expect to see testimonials from previous clients. Since testimonials can be hatched or manipulated, you should contact those customers via phone or email. You should also visit their individual websites to confirm that they still use the design that was created by the expert you want to hire.

4. Reputation

The best websites are usually coded by professionals that have a good reputation. Such professionals will never deliver anything that’s less of what they promised. This is because they regard their current customers as brand ambassadors. In addition to that, a reputable web designer will not finish creating your website behind schedule. As a customer, you expect to get a finished product after paying the quoted price. The easiest way of digging into the reputation of a web developer is by visiting online reviews to see how their company is rated. You can also look them up on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. Knowledge of Latest Trends


Websites are coded using different languages such as C+, Php, Visual Basic, Html and C among others. These languages are very dynamic. Each language offers different benefits in terms of content management and user experience. Once you have decided the language that you want your website to be created in, you should ask the designer if he knows how to code with it. Ideally, you should settle for a web developer that knows the latest programing languages such as Python and Joomla.

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