Online sales versus in-store sales

Online sales versus in-store sales

What are the differences between online sales and in-store sales? No, but seriously, let’s look beyond the obvious!

An acquaintance recently shared an infographic from RedBrain, thinking that I would be interested. She was right! Just visit my Pinterest account to see the extent of my interest in infographics.

11 companies: online and offline

The infographic below shows you case studies for 11 companies, comparing their offline business with their online business.

For example, Target, which has failed in Canada but is performing well in the United States, generates $ 68 billion in-store revenue, compared to only $ 4 billion online. You will tell me that $ 4 B is huge, but it’s nothing compared to the $ 68 B in-store.

The same goes for Walmart, which generates $ 15 B online and $ 462 B in stores.

In almost all cases, the share of online sales represents between 3 and 6% of in-store sales.

3 anomalies

Some anomalies stand out.

  • Best Buy, the electronics giant, generates 17% of its online sales.
  • Macy’s generates 25% of its online sales.
  • Nordstrom generates 34% of its online sales.

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