The Best CMS for a Company Website in 2018

The Best CMS for a Company Website in 2018

The internet today has undoubtedly evolved into something that is important and essential to our daily lives and the society as a whole. Ever since its introduction in the early 90s, the internet has slowly developed into a virtual platform that not only allows people all around the world to communicate but also to put up their businesses, messages, and services among other things. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a company or a business that doesn’t have any presence on the internet today.

That being said, while the internet gives everybody the opportunity to put up anything on the internet, there are still rules to follow and tools needed in order to properly organize or convey your purposes. For instance, for businesses and companies, a website is needed in order to incorporate all of their products, messages, advertisements into a single space or a website to allow visitors to have access to everything they want them to know. And it is in this aspect where a proper CMS or Content Management System is needed.

A content management system or CMS is an internet tool that allows the business or the company to put up their products, with images, links and other related information into a single platform on the internet. It is like a book or a magazine that contains everything related to your product or company. Thus, if you are looking to establish your company’s online presence sometime soon, then you definitely need the services of a CMS. And to help you with just that, below are a few of the most popular CMS out there and some information that will allow you to learn more on how it will help your purpose.

  1. WordPressWordPress

Undoubtedly the most popular and stable CMS out there, WordPress surely lives up to its fame as a DIY CMS. You see, WordPress has been designed in order to allow users to put their content on the internet with ease and less complication. Meaning, managing and creating a website using WordPress won’t require you any IT skills or other more technical knowledge. As long as you are a computer literate, then everything can be DIY. WordPress contains thousands of plug-in that will allow your website to add features that will make user experience a lot smoother and organized.

  1. Oracle Webcenter ContentOracle WebCenter Content

For advanced users or for people that have basic skills on coding and other IT shenanigans, then the Oracle would be the best start for you. The Oracle platform is best suited for companies that are already established and has a strong clientele. The security and maintenance of the platform are also worth the investment. Plus, you can expect a good support system from the developers to the point that bugs and queries will be quickly solved by their technicians.

  1. Joomla

Last but not the least, if you are looking for freedom when it comes to customization, then Joomla is definitely the best CMS out there. Joomla literally offers 100% freedom when it comes to customization; thus, expect that you can materialize all of your visualizations and tweaks on your website with Joomla, given that you have the necessary skills when it comes to the coding part.


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