Sustainable logistics, enterprise’s new challenge

Sustainable logistics, enterprise’s new challenge

We talk about it regularly, companies no longer have a choice but to adapt to the realities dictated by the environment. Climate change and extreme weather force us to adapt our operations and cause significant losses. Logistics is part of this thinking and is the cornerstone of the organization.

Supply Chain

Let’s start by recalling what a supply chain is. A supply chain is the set of physical flows that ensure product availability to end users. It also includes flows of information needed to manage physical operations and financial flows (down payments, payments and penalties). A logistics chain thus concerns every player, from supplier to customer.

Adding a sustainable dimension to supply chain management allows companies to better control their environmental impacts.

More and more companies are building such devices. Let’s look at the case of Lafuma, which takes into account the product’s complete life cycle in the design stage. The company is not interested here only in raw materials but analyzes the methods of manufacture, the use of the product and its end of life.

Rebuilding a logistics chain in a sustainable way is not easy and requires revisiting several stages: conception, management practices and organization of work. But, before implementing, one must analyze things.

Transport, logistics’ core

Logistique durable sustainable logisticsVoluntarily in this article, we considered an important link in the logistics chain which is transportation. It is likely the most expensive link in the chain for a company. Whether you outsource or not.

MeteoGlobale can help in your re-engineering. As a first step, we analyse your organisation’s activity in relation to weather conditions. This analysis is done over three years of data. It will take into consideration sales, costs, staffing and suppliers. The goal is to then maximize your operation. Don’t think either the boss, the employee or the worker will lose out in the process. Nobody loses, everyone can win.

A distribution company in Belgium, Colruyt, decided to operate its trucks with a 95 % load, often in the evening and at night. Has the driver lost anything? Absolutely not, although his schedule has changed! Let’s take a summer day. It is 30° and the roads are overloaded by tourists. The driver will leave around 8 pm. At this time, it isn’t as hot and an hour later, there will be much less traffic. There is less stress for the driver, more comfort in his truck, and economy for the company. The truck will make a shorter trip (time-wise) with less fuel consumption. These are savings all around.

In the end, everyone is a winner. Colruyt management decided one day to reorganize everything and it was a win-win for everyone.

Contact us and develop the logistics chain to save you time, security and money.

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