More Traditional Media Predictions

More Traditional Media Predictions
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2019+ more traditional media predictionsDid I miss a topic you were hoping to see last week in relation to traditional media prediction? I wasn’t finished but kept some for this week!

This series of posts is now an annual feature on this blog. However, this year they’ll be shorter and published weekly.

2019 & Beyond More Traditional Media Predictions

This post covers traditional advertising predictions from 2019 through 2025. They cover Ad Agencies, Media Sales, Coupons and DVR usage.

Please note that some of these predictions are in French. They are indicated with FR – before the prediction.








Media Sales


Other 2019+ Predictions

Finally, here are my other 2019 & beyond prediction posts to satisfy your curiosity.

Did you catch my 2018 PREDICTIONS?

At the end of 2017, I published 7 posts outlining 2018 predictions, available by the time of publishing:

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