Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

I visited Detroit on my way to Chicago where we spent our summer vacation in 2013. We, of course, took time to stop by every Hard Rock Cafe along the route!

We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the city. We had driven through back in 1996 on our way to New Orleans, at night and decided to not even stop for gas. Night & day was the difference for us.

The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit looks like a garage, as a homage to garage bands. Much of the decor is centred on Kiss but there’s also a lot of David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Stevie Wonder.

The Local Legendary Burger in Detroit is comprised of a 10oz beef patty covered in chilli, provolone and Monterrey Jack cheese, diced onions; Polish pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. A pure delight.

The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit opened November 10th 2003 and has always been at the same location.


Here are our meals from the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

Here are a few pics from the exterior of the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

And here are some pictures of the interior…


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