Is your brand still overlooking mobile?

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Which are the top digital marketing mistakes that a business must avoid? I’ve been blogging recently about the digital marketing mistakes brands and companies often make online, either because they’re in too much of a hurry to get things done, or due to sheer ignorance.

Here are three digital marketing mistakes covered already

  1. Using 2 different names for a same brand
  2. Using the same name as another organisation
  3. Not having a thought out digital strategy
  4. Not having clearly defined goals
  5. Not creating relevant content
  6. Not performing tests
  7. Not using landing pages
  8. Paying for followers, likes and traffic
  9. Communicating exclusively about your brand
  10. Unrealistic expectations
  11. Not being informed

Here’s another significant digital marketing mistakes businesses do, which should be avoided.

12- Overlooking Mobile

overlooking mobileAre you currently overlooking mobile? Is that knowingly so? Do you have plans to address this critical situation?

It’s not just your website that needs to be mobile ready. Are your email marketing materials mobile friendly? We cannot overstate the importance of your brand being properly available and presentable through mobile devices.

Here are a few numbers and broad trends to consider:

  • more than 50% of time spent with the Internet is through mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, eReaders and handheld gaming devices)
  • more than 50% of time spent and page views on social media comes from mobile devices (if they click through to your site from social, it might very well be on a mobile device
  • more than 50% of local business searches are done on mobile devices
  • more than 50% of directory searches (Yellow Pages) are done through mobile devices
  • 90% of visits to a non-mobile friendly site on a mobile device results in a bounce with less than 5 seconds of time on site. They just don’t like it! (is “it” you?)

Can you afford not to be available for half of your potential clients?

Why would you not be available on mobile? If redoing a full version of your website adapted for mobile is too expensive or lengthy a process, then hurry up to set up a dedicated mobile-only mini-site. Have something there instead of nothing.

If you’re site is built on a standardized platform such as WordPress, Joomla or others, then you have NO excuse for not already being mobile ready. All of these have thousands of available responsive design templates available. There is likely a few that resemble your current site which would be an easy and painless facelift – require next to no change to your current site structure and content. Why wait?

What’s responsive design you may ask, or adaptive design for that matter? If you don’t know, then I understand why you aren’t mobile ready yet.  Responsive and adaptive are two similar methods of building website templates which take into account the user’s screen size to always render the best possible version of your website.

Do you need help with any of these issues? Don’t be shy to contact me and see how we might work together – it’s what I do!

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