Samuel Parent’s all-time top 10 posts

This blog had now been around for 8 years having begun in February 2008.  I’ve written a great many articles, predominantly on digital marketing and advertising, but also on another passion of mine; Hard Rock Cafe. So what are my all-time top 10 posts?

All-time top 10 posts

HRC Montreal#1 Goodbye, Hard Rock Cafe Montreal

My memorial to the 2009 closing of the Hard Rock Cafe Montreal is by far my most popular post, dating back to 2010. This post shows pictures of the artifacts inside as I’d been there many times and take many myself.  The original version of this post was on my French blog and is also my #1 of all time there.

Samuel Parent#2 I’m Sorry

This is another post I published in French and in English. As with the #1, this one too is also #2 in French as it is in English. What was I sorry about?  I was sorry if I’d given anyone the impression I was no longer approachable as I’d gotten quite busy and visible with IAB Canada at the time.

traffic forecasting 2#3 How do you forecast your website’s traffic?

This is a post in a short series from 2010 about forecasting website traffic and eventually ad revenue which has generated a lot of calls and questions through the years

Hard Rock Cafe Vancouver#4 Hard Rock Cafe Vancouver

This is a Hard Rock Cafe I never visited and I guess never will. It opened and closed between 2 trips I took there (1995 and 2000). However, lucky me, my dad did make the detour for me at some point – thanks dad!

IAB Canada#5 What’s so different in Quebec?

This was the first post of a series on the very real differences of Quebec from the rest of Canada and North America as a whole. It’s also the blog version of a presentation I was doing in ad agencies in Toronto at the time for IAB Canada.

ipad-tv-360#6 How to calculate a cost per point (CPP)

A “how-to” article from 2014. It was intended for digital natives who don’t know much about traditional media. It explains how GRPs are generated, counted and used to calculate a cost per points. It was, and still is very much relevant as more and more advertisers and agencies are looking to digital video as part of their “TV” buy which uses the language of GRPs and CPPs.

Making Measurement Make Sense#7 What is a brand-safe advertising environment?

(3ms )

Brand safety now rhymes with ad viewability and ad fraud detection and prevention. However, not everyone in 2012 understood what the term really meant. It quite likely you haven’t considered the full breadth of its meaning – check it out!

#8 How to forecast ad revenuead spend

This is the fifth post in a series about online advertising forecasting, which included #3 on this list. This post is on how to forecast ad revenue using web traffic forecasting and historical sales team performance metrics.

HRC Dubai#9 Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

A few friends have visited the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai over the years although I haven’t had the chance to do so personally yet.

Quora-Button-Icon#10 How has advertising evolved in the last 20 years?

This post from 2012 was spurred by a question on Quora from an Italian student which I attempted to answer. 20 years is a very long period of time in advertising. At least today it is. 20 year ago, much less had changed in the previous 20 years as has changed since.

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