Top 5 Hard Rock Cafe of 2015

This blog is not only to educate and inform about digital & interactive marketing, communications and advertising. I also use this tribune to share with you my love of the Hard Rock Cafe by presenting a monthly review from different locations either visited by myself or friends who took pictures or brought things back for me. So which are the top 5 Hard Rock Cafe of 2015?

Top 5 Hard Rock Cafe of 2015

HRC Venice#1 Hard Rock Cafe Venice

My in-laws have been doing a lot of travelling – the luxury of being retired baby boomers…  Their latest trip took them to Italy and they happened upon the Hard Rock Cafe Venice and took a few pictures for me in the few minutes they walked by it. As they were with an organized group, they couldn’t pop in and get more unfortunately.

HRC Athens#2 Hard Rock Cafe Athens

My good friend Ghislain Parent visited Athens back in 2009 and made the detour to the Hard Rock Cafe Athens so he could send me a picture of it – that’s an awesome friend!

Hard Rock Cafe Acapulco#3 Hard Rock Cafe Acapulco

My dad visited Acapulco during the 1990s. He made the necessary detour to visit the Hard Rock Cafe Acapulco to get me a t-shirt – thanks dad!

hrc copenhagen#4 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen

My friend and band mate Maxime Bourbonnais visited Denmark in 2013 and swung by the Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen to get a few pictures for me.  The Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen was opened on July 18th 1995 and just recently relocated on March 27th 2015.

HRC Paris#5 Hard Rock Cafe Paris

My girlfriend visited Paris last spring with her sister and mother – a lifelong dream fulfilled. Both she and her sister are Hard Rock Cafe regulars and so they initiated my mother-in-law to the menu at the Hard Rock Cafe Paris.

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