Predictions for 2017 and beyond

2017 & BeyondAre you looking for predictions for 2017

This post is now a regular annual feature of my blog – the top future predictions beyond the next year and for as far as we care to predict.

I’ve been tracking and updating these for 3 years now. It’s very interesting to see how predictions for the future, from 3 years ago, are happening faster, or slower, than anticipated – proving that we cannot really predict all that accurately.

This year I’m changing things a little as this list is becoming a bit of a monster. Instead of one huge list of all predictions (which might be interpreted as spam by search engines and website hosting), I’ll be rolling out a number of specific articles each with a number of predictions around a main theme.

There are a great number of predictions for 2017 and beyond and they come from a variety of sources. They’ll cover very diverse topics, but that all in some way relate to digital marketing and advertising.


2015 is in fact the last article I put together at the beginning of the New Year as it reviews what actually happened this year. Watch for it in the first week of January 2016.

Predictions for 2016

If you are looking for what experts are forecasting for next year, then you should look into my articles covering 2016 specifically:

Predictions for 2017 and beyond

This particular post will cover predictions for 2017 for the future in general, as well as a few general categories:

  • The future in general
  • Consumers
  • Demographics
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Privacy
  • Science
  • Travel

My next posts over the coming days will cover ad spend in every detail, mobile marketing, television, local advertising, social media, technology, wearables and many other things – stay tuned!










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