Do you use dedicated landing pages for your digital advertising?

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Which are the top digital marketing mistakes that a business must avoid? I’ve been blogging recently about the digital marketing mistakes brands and companies often make online, either because they’re in too much of a hurry to get things done, or due to sheer ignorance.

Here are three digital marketing mistakes covered already

  1. Using 2 different names for a same brand
  2. Using the same name as another organisation
  3. Not having a thought out digital strategy
  4. Not having clearly defined goals
  5. Not creating relevant content
  6. Not performing tests

Here’s another significant digital marketing mistakes businesses do, which should be avoided.

7- Not using landing pages

landing pages

Landing pages are a must in digital marketing. When an ad of some kind has attracted a user’s attention and piqued their interest, they are sometimes motivated to click on that ad. That click sends them further along their buying journey, but where is it you’re really sending them?

Sending users to your home page or a product’s main page creates a disconnect with the user who is expecting to find more information about the product or service you were advertising. Your home page speaks of your whole company and the breadth of your possibilities. The consumer at this time isn’t interested in all that, he only wants to know more about that one thing you were promoting.

The landing page is supposed to pick up exactly where the ad left off. It should in fact be seen by the consumer as an extension of the ad they clicked on.

Brands should always use landing pages to ensure the consumer arriving on their site isn’t lost or confused as to where they’ve arrived. The landing page should not be a final destination, but all the other information that you could not properly stuff into your ad. From this landing page, the consumer may find all the information he is looking for, or he may now seek more information about a particular aspect or other.

There is much to know about landing pages, below you will find a few infographics to start you on your learning adventure:

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