Is your marketing content actually relevant?

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Which are the top digital marketing mistakes that a business must avoid? I’ve been blogging recently about the digital marketing mistakes brands and companies often make online, either because they’re in too much of a hurry to get things done, or due to sheer ignorance.

Here are three digital marketing mistakes covered already

  1. Using 2 different names for a same brand
  2. Using the same name as another organisation
  3. Not having a thought out digital strategy
  4. Not having clearly defined goals

Here’s another significant digital marketing mistakes businesses do, which should be avoided.

5- Not creating relevant content

marketing contentContent marketing should now be an important part of your digital efforts, if not at least on your radar. However, don’t create content for content’s sake. Always ensure every piece of content is relevant to your audience by either being useful or entertaining.

It’s easy to lose track of your objective, you end game when producing content. Its end game is so far off in the future that we forget. We make a plan and start producing content according to that plan. However, when inspiration strikes, we often go with it instead of taking the time to analyse the idea against our objectives. After all, creating marketing content is not our main job function (for the most of us that is).

I suggest you take advantage of your inspiration when it strikes (as I do), but ensure you always review that new content against your objective immediately thereafter.

After that, revisit that new content against your audience’s interests and needs to ensure it is actually relevant to them and not just of interest to you. Once that’s been checked, then revisit it once again to guarantee it is not only relevant, but also useful or entertaining for your audience: why else would they consume your content?

Do you need help with any of these issues? Don’t be shy to contact me and see how we might work together – it’s what I do!

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