You don’t have defined goals for your online marketing?

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Which are the top digital marketing mistakes that a business must avoid? I’ve been blogging recently about the digital marketing mistakes brands and companies often make online, either because they’re in too much of a hurry to get things done, or due to sheer ignorance.

Here are three digital marketing mistakes covered already

  1. Using 2 different names for a same brand
  2. Using the same name as another organisation
  3. Not having a thought out digital strategy

Here’s another significant digital marketing mistakes businesses do, which should be avoided.

4- Not having clearly defined goals

digital marketing goalsDigital is measurable. 100 % of the time. Your online goals should be clear and quantifiable so that you can measure your success against them at all times.

Not having clearly defined goals and still going ahead with digital marketing and advertising spending is like navigating blindly an unfriendly sea. It’s idiotic and reckless.

Goals are easy to set. What growth did you achieve last period for this same activity? That can become your goal again as you try to do better this time around, having learned things the last time.

Where there conditions that eased your performance last period? Can you compensate for them? If not, adjust your goals accordingly.

Ensure that whatever goal you set, that they are in line with your overall marketing objectives and that you’ve identified a success metric to track it’s performance. Further, ensure that you can actually track or measure that success metric.

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