Don’t have a digital strategy? Stop everything!

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Which are the top digital marketing mistakes that a business must avoid? I’ve recently blogged two articles about two enormous mistakes I’ve encountered too many times already:

  1. Using 2 different names for a same brand
  2. Using the same name as another organisation (either in the same business sector, or a different one while being geographically close to your main location)

Here’s another significant digital marketing mistakes businesses do, which should be avoided.

3- Not having a thought out digital strategy

digital marketing strategyWhile I don’t propose your business should have separate offline and online strategies, your overall business strategy should be completely re-evaluated in light of your digital objectives and assets to ensure every effort works in the same direction.

I’ve recently been working with a client I will not name which drove this one home. They brought me on as a consultant to put some sponsorship packages together. However when finally seeing their “in-progress” website, I realized the project lacked direction. Their main focus is off-line but they know all too well that digital will get their audience to commit to their cause. Their digital version reflected very poorly on the offline image they were hoping to project.

Back to the drawing board

We re-evaluated their actual “end-game” needs together – the “what do I want to have happen as an ultimate outcome” discussion. We looked at various scenarios from having a full-fledged media website with regular content updates and social media connections, all the staff and money that entails as well as the benefits, to not having a website at all (for now) and relying on a promo page set up on Facebook or elsewhere relevant.

How does your digital strategy support and contribute to your overall marketing and business efforts? How does it ensure you will achieve desired results?

Stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate (every once in a while). Be certain your autopilot isn’t headed in the wrong direction. Often time, an external expert can help you see things you can’t see because you’re too close to your own reality (too close to the trees to see the forest).

Do you need help with any of these issues? Don’t be shy to contact me and see how we might work together – it’s what I do!

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