Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon 1

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

My friend and past co-worker, Ghislain Parent, visited Lisbon, Portugal in June of 2013. He paid the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon a visit to see why I was so enamoured by the restaurant. He enjoyed his visit and took a picture of the building where it is located and brought back a t-shirt for me – thanks, Ghislain!

Lisbon, Portugal

The Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon opened on June 12th, 2003

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

Here’s my t-shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon – oddly, when I visited France in 2011 and wore this shirt when visiting the Palais de Versailles, I crossed path with another tourist wearing the exact same shirt!

Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon

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