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What am I up to so far in 2015?

As I wrote earlier, I’ve put much effort since the start of this new year on the French (Quebec) side of my business. However, I’ve performed about as many projects in English as I have in French. One such area of my business is  digital marketing training where I’m often called upon because of my bilingual nature – I can produce and conduct training in both French and English just as easily, one session after another, or pretty much simultaneously for bilingual audiences.

I’ve launched a new site specifically for my training services offering which now includes 5 eLearning courses. These are available right now and range from 20 minutes / free to 80 minutes ($79).

I am available to train your team or company in person in French or English on pretty much any digital marketing or advertising topic, at your level of expertise. Training with me is totally customizable and if your company is in Quebec, it is applicable against the 1% you much spend on training.

One day (6-8 hours) of training is $3,000 which includes all preparation and the course deck in electronic format.

Public speaking and conference hosting are also part of this service as they often end up being miniature versions, or segments of training. Public speaking is anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours while “training” per se is most often over 3 hours in duration, up to 2 days in some cases.

My full service offering where training is concerned is available here and includes

  • How I can customize it for you
  • Some of my past clients
  • A non-exhaustive list of specific trainings I’ve conducted in the past you may want to pick and choose from
  • Complete list of all training sessions I’ve conducted since 2002

You think I might be of service in training you or your organisation on some aspect of digital marketing? Contact-me and we’ll see!

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