What am I up to? 3

What am I up to so far in 2015?

I am now a full time independent consultant available to help or accompany media organisations, advertising agencies and advertisers / companies in general on a variety of digital communications fields.

What am I not up to?

As you may or may not know, I am no longer associated with IAB Canada, which who I’d been a volunteer, part-time and full time employee for 14 years. I know many people still think I’m busy doing Quebec activities and training / education for IAB Canada – but that is no longer the case since January 1st.

So what AM I up to?

I’ve been concentrating most of my efforts on the French (Quebec) side of my consultancy which is why my English blog is so sporadic (sorry about that). I’ve launched new websites in French for now to promote each of my services individually.

If you read my blog every now and then you likely have a good idea of the breadth of topics I can address, teach, do or help you with.

I’ve launched a series of eLearning courses in French for Quebec businesses as there wasn’t anything yet available in Moliere’s tongue for digital marketing training. I’ve also performed a few training sessions with major and smaller organisations. These training have focused on social media marketing, mobile marketing and general digital priorities for SMBs.

Online reputation management is a new service I’ve launch with a local colleague. This service is part consulting but mostly 3rd party professional brand management online for SMBs who don’t yet have the time, resources or knowledge to manage their online brand identity. It involves a low monthly fee and assures peace of mind that your brand is well represented online and actually works for your bottom line offline.

Digital media planning and buying is another service I offer. I currently have ongoing relationships with 2 Quebec-based agencies, one of which manages national campaigns. This service is not limited to relatively easy to manage programmatic media such as AdWords with Google and Facebook Ads but also with direct negotiations with media partners for online display, email advertising, video and native – all depending on your needs, means and objective.

I’ve done several digital marketing and advertising consulting mandates since the beginning of the year helping a few publishers, agencies and clients on a variety of projects. I’ve helped set up set up a local SMB’s social media marketing strategy. I’ve organised pricing strategies for a new digital media site. I did some online competitive research for a jeweller and for a furniture retailer. I even delved deep into a broad analytics analysis for an airline.

Interactive communications audit is another project I’m working hard to bring to clients. It is a very long project despite the 24 hours of work it requires. It is long because it requires much be shared, which isn’t always easy, and a few meetings and lining up agendas isn’t always easy either. One conclusion from the few audits I’ve completed so far is that the final report is where the gold is found for the client – the recommendations, their reasoning and explanation for how to go about getting them started because in most cases the company’s digital marketing roadmap for the next 2 years.

You think maybe I could be of service to you in some capacity? Contact-me and we’ll see!

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