Seeking a roadmap for digital marketing?

Digital marketing roadmap

Everyone knows digital a part of consumer’s daily lives. It’s hard to imagine people who do not connect in any way with brands or other people through the digital world. But is your brand as present online, and across all environments and devices, as it should be?

Probably not. You likely know you could do better, be elsewhere, but who should you believe? There are so many so-called experts (myself included) around telling you what you should be doing: be mobile friendly, be friendly on social, have a content marketing strategy, do proper marketing attribution, etc… Are you seeking your own roadmap for digital?

But really, what should YOUR brand do? What’s your next step? That’s not as simple as you well know. Your brand evolves at its own pace, in its own market, context and environment. Your consumers are not necessarily like everyone, so they may not behave like everyone else, at least not exactly. The problem of identifying your next digital step is a tough one.

I’ve developed an interactive communications audit which studies your brand’s strategies and executions both in your controlled space and through your paid executions. The goal of the audit is to produce concrete and actionable recommendations which in effect become your next steps. The Audit’s recommendations become your brand’s digital marketing roadmap for the next year or two.

I wouldn’t pretend to lay out a roadmap for longer than two year because the digital marketing sector evolves so quickly it’s hard to see what’s next beyond that time frame.

What’s your “controlled space” you might ask? It is everything you can control or manage internally. It is what you own in terms of marketing measures and vehicles. This includes your website, its SEO, content, newsletter, social media accounts and such. Your paid executions are essentially all of your digital advertising including search, social, native, display and video. It also includes all of the tactics and measurement methods you involve for both owned and paid marketing efforts.

What sets my audit apart from other experts is that mine does not come with any strings attached. It is objective and neutral, yet still highly customized and personal to your brand. No strings attached also means what you think it does – my goal in recommending anything isn’t to make more work for me in the future (although I don’t mind it). My goal is to point you in the right directions with the reasons why, so that you may keep dealing with your trusted partners and agencies with the confidence of knowing where you’re going (now that you have a clear road map for your brand).

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