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Garaga TrainingTraining with me is an experience. I pack a ton of energy into my training sessions, in a number of ways.

If you’ve ever had training with me in the past, I encourage you to skip to the comment section and share your own testimonial (if you dare, I know how daunting it is to leave comments). I’d really like to hear from you. You can find some testimonials to my training on my LinkedIn profile among my recommendations.

I do a number of different types of training from 1 hour digital overview presentations in some university classes, to custom 2-day customized training  with specific clients.

No two courses are ever the same

I’m constantly reading on the various topics covered by my courses as I want to be as up to date as I can possibly be. This entails constant updates to individual course pages. Sometimes whole sections are overhauled. Other times, I remove content which I feel everyone already has a grasp of to add something new or more advanced.

I once had a student in an IAB Canada Integrated Digital Marketing course who had taken the course on 3 other occasions in the past. She takes it every other year. She told the group of 50 other students that some sections essentially refresh things for her as this is not her primary focus at work, and other sections are always new. She never felt anything was repeated.

I also try to attend as many conferences as I can. Barring that, I watch all that’s available through YouTube. This gives me different ways to explain things, different points of views. This is important when I’m instructing specifically a group from an agency, a publisher or an advertiser – they all have very different priorities and preoccupations.


From the start of any training session, and throughout it all, I prompt people to ask questions. Either they or their employer paid for them to be there, or hired me to train their team. Their time is valuable and I want you to feel comfortable asking all possible questions while I’m there with you.

It is all too boring when I spend a day instructing a team of people who ask no questions! I do my best to avoid this situation by asking my audience questions myself throughout the day. Sometimes it’s to find out what they know about an upcoming topic; how they perceive a specific tactic or see if they remember something we talked about an hour earlier. I try to relate the material to individuals’ realities, to make it personal so they feel compelled to ask more questions.

I try to put a little fun in every training session. Marketing, advertising and communications are not dry topics, they’re fun, they’re engaging and they’re compelling.


Do you have any questions? Wondering how you can set up training with me at some point in time? Don’t hesitate to reach out directly through my contact page so we can see what it is you need and how we can make that specific training happen.

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