How to increase your ad viewability rates

eyereturn marketingAd viewability has been the buzz this past year. This topic often gets confused or bundled with the topic of display advertising fraud. You’ve undoubtedly read articles relating very high non-viewability indicating nearly half of your ad dollars are actually wasted – never seen by anyone.

On January 19th, IAB Canada is putting on its X-Series: Metrics conference in Montreal and Ian Hewetson, VP of Client Services at eyereturn marketing will be addressing this very question.

X-Series Metrics

Much research has been done on this topic in the past year and Ian will present important Insights through an Original Canadian Market Research Study. Many different technologies exist to identify true ad value, which varies from one advertiser to the next. Kraft Foods for example rejects 75% to 85% of available ad impressions.

Fraud and viewability are hot topics right now – but what about their measurability? Ian Hewetson from eyereturn marketing will serve you some real takeaways on how to maximize your measurability. He will addresse what 80% viewability might actually mean, and how fraud plays into the equation. More importantly, he will outline how these important concepts a really hard to put into practice as each browser and platform presents their own measurement challenges.

You can register for the X-Series Metrics Montreal event here.

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