My Hard Rock Cafe World Tour – 2014 1

My Hard Rock Cafe World Tour – 2014
Hard Rock Cafe Munich

Hard Rock Cafe Munich

If you follow my blog, even occasionally, you are well aware of my passion for this chain of thematic restaurants, launched in London England in 1971: The Hard Rock Cafe. You may not yet have deciphered since when I’ve been visiting various locations and collecting t-shirts and cocktail glasses.

— This is an update on last year’s article

My Hard Rock Cafe History

It almost started in 1988 when as a family on a trip in California we almost had diner at the Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco. The restaurant was across the street from our hotel and I didn’t know of the chain yet, I was only 15. However, when my dad heard the wait was 45 minutes, we turned around and went elsewhere.

So really, it all started in 1991 when, on another family trip, we traveled to Australia. On this trip I did visit the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney and the one in Honolulu during our 5 day layover in Hawaii on the return trip. Below are my original t-shirts, which no longer fit me, but have been well worn as you can tell from the Sydney one (which I actually died back to black on a number of occasions):

Since then, my dad who traveled a lot, along with my sister and a few friends have brought back t-shirts for my collection until the last few years when I started travelling a bit more and I initiated my wife, kids and friends to the chain and turned a collection into a tradition.

I have personally visited 36 Hard Rock Cafe locations at the end of 2013. Since then, I’ve visited 2 more new locations: Hard Rock Casino Vancouverand Hard Rock Cafe Munich. This brings my personal total up to 38.

Below is the complete list, to date of my blog posts relating my visits and gifts from my friends, to various Hard Rock Cafe locations, as well as the many pictures in my t-shirt and location photos collection – by region:






North America


United States


  • Hard Rock Cafe Cancun, published June 20th 2011, visited the Rock Shop at the airport in September 2008 and September 2009 with friends.

Latin America

Dominican Republic

South America









Middle East

United Arab Emirates

  • Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, published October 26th 2012, visited by a cousin who’s been living there for a few years and by a friend of my mother’s

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